06/16/2019 01:39Security Check400 PARALLEL AV201906160001
06/16/2019 01:40Suspicious Vehicle200 W WASHINGTON ST201906160002
06/16/2019 01:48Traffic StopW RIVER RD/FULTON201906160003
06/16/2019 01:58Extra PatrolN RIPON RD/RIVER RD201906160004
06/16/2019 02:05Security CheckFULTON AV/RIVER RD201906160005
06/16/2019 02:05Suspicious Vehicle600 PARALLEL AV201906160006
06/16/2019 02:17Public Works Callout100 W MAIN ST201906160007
06/16/2019 02:32Suspicious VehicleW RIPON RD/JACK TONE RD201906160008
06/16/2019 02:37Pedestrian / Vehicle Check - Not Suspicious100 W MAIN ST201906160009
06/16/2019 03:42Security Check1200 W MAIN ST201906160010
06/16/2019 03:49Traffic StopW COLONY RD/JACK TONE RD201906160011
06/16/2019 05:00Medical Aid500 S LOCUST AV201906160012
06/16/2019 05:55Welfare Check300 E FRONTAGE RD201906160013
06/16/2019 07:18Petty Theft600 W BOESCH DR201906160014
06/16/2019 07:18Petty Theft600 W BOESCH DR201906160014
06/16/2019 07:18Petty Theft - M600 W BOESCH DR201906160014
06/16/2019 07:31Suspicious Circumstances300 E MAIN ST201906160015
06/16/2019 08:18Medical Aid1000 SECOND ST201906160016
06/16/2019 09:17Medical Aid900 E MILGEO AV201906160017
06/16/2019 09:37Petty Theft1500 W FOURTH ST201906160018
06/16/2019 09:37Petty Theft1500 W FOURTH ST201906160018
06/16/2019 09:37Petty Theft - M1500 W FOURTH ST201906160018
06/16/2019 10:04Public Assist1600 N RIPON RD201906160019
06/16/2019 10:45Stray Dog1000 STOUFFER ST201906160020
06/16/2019 11:39Security Check100 W MAIN ST201906160021
06/16/2019 12:24Traffic StopN JACKTONE RD/SANTOS AV201906160022
06/16/2019 13:51Civil Standby700 E FRONTAGE RD201906160023
06/16/2019 14:38Follow up300 N WILMA AV201906160024
06/16/2019 15:14Public Assist1100 HUGHES LN201906160025
06/16/2019 15:38Stray Dog400 DOAK BL201906160026
06/16/2019 15:40Follow up300 N WILMA AV201906160027
06/16/2019 15:44Public Assist300 N WILMA AV201906160028
06/16/2019 15:47Traffic StopW SANTOS AV/HOFF DR201906160029
06/16/2019 15:56Hit and Run w/prop Damage1500 N JACKTONE RD201906160030
06/16/2019 15:56HIT AND RUN - M1500 N JACKTONE RD201906160030
06/16/2019 16:31Public Assist300 N WILMA AV201906160031
06/16/2019 17:34Animal Noise1500 ATLANTIC AV201906160032
06/16/2019 18:31Be on the lookout300 N WILMA AV201906160033
06/16/2019 19:05Follow up300 N WILMA AV201906160034
06/16/2019 19:51Extra PatrolREYNOLDS AV201906160035
06/16/2019 19:51Public Works Callout400 GREENSTONE WY201906160036
06/16/2019 19:53Traffic Stop1500 GOODWIN DR201906160037
06/16/2019 20:04Security Check100 E MAIN ST201906160038
06/16/2019 20:06Suspicious Circumstances200 TIFFANY CI201906160039
06/16/2019 20:52Stray Dog700 OTIS DR201906160040
06/16/2019 20:55Tresspassing1600 W COLONY RD201906160041
06/16/2019 20:55TRESPASSING - M1600 W COLONY RD201906160041
06/16/2019 21:57COPS Contact1200 W MAIN ST201906160042
06/16/2019 22:27Security CheckFULTON AV/RIVER RD201906160043
06/16/2019 22:37Disturbing the Peace500 N STOCKTON AV201906160044
06/16/2019 23:05Suspicious Persons1500 N JACKTONE RD201906160045
06/16/2019 23:18Traffic Stop1500 N JACKTONE RD201906160046
06/16/2019 23:37Traffic StopN JACKTONE RD/SANTOS AV201906160047
06/16/2019 23:43Suspicious Circumstances1600 VIGGO PL201906160048